Dental Services

Dr. Curtis is passionately dedicated to providing the most advanced, highest-quality dental care using an integrative, health-focused, whole-body philosophy. He combines proven dental science with advanced technical training and experience. Dr. Curtis also offers SureSmile, clear aligners, and sleep studies to help his patients breathe better.

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Preventive Dentistry

To identify dental problems and related health conditions before they start. Oral health is vital to the health of your entire body.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer to a more beautiful, confident smile. Dr. Brookover is a master cosmetic dentist.

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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses various procedures aimed at treating conditions affecting the mouth, jaws, and facial structures.

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Mercury Free Dentistry

Dr. Brookover uses the comprehensive Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique to remove fillings with mercury.

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Periodontal Disease

Dr. Brookover uses highly specific, advanced screening to identify 88 different pathogens to assist in customizing treatment.

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The Myobrace® is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth.

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Oral IV and Sedation

Your comfort and safety are our top priority. Conscious sedation is an easy and effective solution to anxiety and pain.

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TMD Diagnosis and Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disease (TMD) is a debilitating dysfunction of the jaw joint aggravated by trauma.

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Therapeutic Products

Dr. Curtis recommends many healthy oral hygiene and whole-body wellness products.

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